Star Necklace, 18k Gold

Designer: Linda Fiore

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Silver choker necklace with star shaped charms in various colors of Cz stones. If you want to make a statement - this is it! 

Material: 18K gold plating (2.5 micron) on solid .925 silver.

Size:  Approximately 160mm (9.25 inch) inside diameter. Fits like a choker 40cm (16inch) necklace. 

Please observe that when you size your necklace to fit your neck, it is best to keep it the same size. This way it will stay beautiful for a long time to come. Bending the necklace can change the silhouette and eventually break it.

We use only the finest materials and thoroughly test our process before we decide to move forward with a jewelry style.

All our jewelry is made of .925 silver.

Our gold plated jewelry are plated with 18k gold in a 2.5 micron layer which is thicker than offered on most jewelry.

It has taken a long time to get to the quality we were looking for because we believe that You deserve a piece of jewelry that will last forever, as opposed to buying something you will rid yourself of in a year or two. All our products are designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision.

Keeping Your jewelry beautiful for life.

Before you put on your jewelry, make sure lotions and perfumes are dry. (Some lotions and perfume have chemicals that react with metal and can make the metal tarnish.)

Remove the jewelry while exercising, showering, doing housework or gardening. Metals scratch easier than you think.

Store Your jewelry in a fabric-lined box, an organza bag or an airtight plastic bag, separately or individually-wrapped to prevent scratches. 

For more detailed information on jewelry care and how to clean your baubles, see also Caring for Your Jewelry.