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It all started as an accidental flirtation.....

It all started with an accidental flirtation...

- Linda Wente, Founder

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Linda Fiore is a female-lead Swedish / American jewelry brand known for its elegant and timeless design. The collections consist of carefully selected sustainable and high quality materials combined with a confident and classic style....

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Linda Fiore is a female-lead Swedish / American jewelry brand known for its elegant and timeless design. The collections consist of carefully selected sustainable and high quality materials combined with a confident and classic style. The collections are made to be worn to complement each other but are also perfectly suitable to be shown off by themselves.

Our focus is to design sustainably made jewelry that is flexible to the wearer so they can be worn with respect to fluctuations in sizing as well as changing tastes. Our jewelry will wear for years to come without getting dull, if you take care of them.

Unlike other similar brands in the same price range, our jewelry are made of precious metals and stones, not brass and glass. This is why our jewelry are an investment - they are timeless AND they have a resale value.

At the heart of Linda Fiore is an infatuation of gemstones, of its uniqueness and mystical properties as well as the play of color. Each gemstone has its own story and it is as unique as the stars in the sky - just like our customers who wear our jewelry.

Linda Wente, the creator of Linda Fiore, is a GIA jewelry designer and diamond grader. She is based in South of Sweden as well as in Southern California. It is in the nature of her homelands, by the forest and the lakes of Sweden, and the hillsides and the ocean of California, where she draws her inspiration. The love of nature and the environment is a cornerstone at Linda Fiore.

All pieces are finished by hand, made with recycled material, recyclable and sustainably sourced.

Ethical Craftsmanship

At Linda Fiore we strive to provide our customers with the finest quality jewelry, jewelry that will last for a long time. We use only the finest materials when creating our pieces, while also reflecting the industry and environmental standards. All our products are designed and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision. We select our collaborators with great prudence and all our partners must adhere to the highest standards of the industry with regards to the environment and people. It is also of great importance that our hand-picked collaborators adhere to our sustainability goals. This also includes waste-materials and handling everything in the safest way for people and the environment.

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Worldwide Shipping

We look for the best ways to ship - best for the planet.

recycled materials

We use recycled materials in all our processes.

100 Day Product Warranty

We stand by our products.

Jewelry as a storyteller

We believe that everyone is a perfect person at their core and deep down, wants to be noticed for their individuality. Jewelry is one way to express yourself. Some days you may want to be subtle, some days you may want to be bold. Whatever the day and your mood want to say, jewelry can help you say it. So - go ahead and be bold and enhance your true beauty with a piece of jewelry that says - You! It won’t get un-noticed. 

Our core beliefs

From design to finished product, packaging and shipping our products to the end consumer, we evaluate all our processes constantly and look for better ways to work - Better ways for the planet and its patrons. Our precious metals come primarily from recycled sources and most of our stones are largely laboratory grown - a process that produces the same quality as naturally-sourced stones, but requires only a fraction of the resources. To this day, laboratory gemstones still outweigh the pro’s when it comes to sustainable processes. We do not work with conflict gemstones. Where others look for perfection, we look for beauty - gemstones with a personality (others might call them flaws). All natural stones are sourced from places where sustainable and non-harmful processes to nature or the human laborers are strictly enforced. The core materials are silver and gold, we do not use brass or copper and we use recycled gold and silver in all our products.

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Transparency is key

Waste is something not discussed in front of a customer, we think we should! We believe in transparency. In all production, there is waste and taking care of the waste is of great importance. All waste materials are managed according to certified government and environmental standards. Waste is handled and sent to a restoration facility where safety comes first.

With all of this in mind, our prices reflect the cost that we can accept to provide you with beautiful jewelry and a healthy conscience.