Lotus necklace, silver

The Lotus necklace in silver is a testament to the beauty that comes with truly handmade silver necklaces. Crafted meticulously, this piece embodies the elegance and brightness that sterling silver necklaces bring to one's attire. Read More

Size chart

Ring Size Guide

If you measure your fingers in the summertime, you might need a larger size than you need in the winter. Heat can cause swelling and cold hands shrink. Bear this in mind when measuring to ensure this doesn’t affect your sizing.
It’s worth knowing that thicker bands can feel tight. Consider sizing up one size if you decide to go with a wider style of ring.
Falling between two sizes? We recommend ordering the larger size. It’s all about comfort.

    Here’s how you measure to find your ring size:


      Bracelet Size Guide

    Here’s how you measure to find your bracelet size:

    Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measurement or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.
    If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark your size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length. That would be your wrist size.
    To find your bracelet size, refer to the appropriate measurements in the bracelet chart.
    Our bracelets are adjustable within an 1 inch (appx. 30mm). You can also purchase extenders to our bracelets or necklaces if you are unsure.


      Necklace Size Guide

      Determine the necklace length that is best suited to the size you like. 
      Another way of deciding the length of your necklace is to measure the length of an existing necklace that you like.
      You can always buy an extender for your necklace if you like to change sizes. This is a good idea if you like to layer necklaces.




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        The Lotus necklace in silver is a testament to the beauty that comes with truly handmade silver necklaces. Crafted meticulously, this piece embodies the elegance and brightness that sterling silver necklaces bring to one's attire.

        Whether you're heading to an elegant evening event, a casual meet-up, or simply want to elevate your daily look, this lotus silver necklace provides just the right touch. Paired with a matching bracelet, ring, or earrings, this handmade silver necklace stands out, creating a harmonious and chic ensemble.

        From its lustrous shine to its exquisite design, the necklace's sterling silver composition ensures quality and durability. Made from solid .925 silver, it shines bright with a silver-plated polish.

        Representing the epitome of necklaces in sterling silver, its craftsmanship and detail are unmatched.

        For those discerning individuals who cherish the blend of tradition and modernity in necklaces sterling silver, this piece is the perfect choice.

        The lotus silver necklace is more than an accessory; it's a statement and offers flexible wear in length and style.

        This necklace has a beautiful set of large lotus leaves measuring approximately 30mm, or 1.25 inch.

        Measuring approximately 16 inches or 40 cm with a 1.25 inch or 3 cm extender, this handmade silver necklace offers versatility in wear, suitable for any neckline.

        Extra extenders can be purchased separately for bracelets and necklaces. Please contact us prior to making your order if you would like an extra extender included.

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