Amalei silver ring

Fall in love with the playful Amalei sterling silver ring adorned with colored enamel. Choose from our exquisite color palette: Coral, Cream, Deep red, Emerald green, Light pink, and Turquoise. Read More

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Fall in love with the playful Amalei silver ring adorned with colored enamel.

Choose from our exquisite color palette: Coral, Cream, Deep red, Emerald green, Light pink, and Turquoise.

Perfectly designed to wear solo, the real allure comes when you stack these sterling silver rings, mixing and matching multiple colors for a bespoke and radiant look.

This enamel ring isn’t just a standalone beauty. Its sustainable design speaks volumes about conscious fashion choices. Consider elevating your style by pairing it with matching Amalei bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. As part of our collection of sustainable rings.

Constructed with precision, this sterling ring is forged from solid .925 silver, polished with a silver plating for a brilliant shine, epitomizing the essence of a quality handmade ring.

A unique highlight of ours the open fit design, allowing flexibility in size. With season changes or simply for versatility, you can switch between fingers.

For instance, the Size 6 can comfortably fit sizes 5 and 7, while Size 8 accommodates both sizes 7 and 9.

To maintain the ring's longevity, be gentle when adjusting its size. For a perfect fit, refer to our sizing guide and let the Amalei enamel ring become your style statement.

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Recycled & Recyclable

We prioritize sustainability by using recycled gold and silver in our fine jewelry. This eco-friendly approach reduces the environmental impact of mining, lowers energy consumption, and minimizes waste. By incorporating recycled metals, we contribute to a circular economy, promoting responsible sourcing and ethical practices in the jewelry industry.

Premium Gemstones

We embrace a diverse approach to gemstone sourcing, incorporating both natural and lab-grown varieties in our fine jewelry. Our selection criteria prioritize quality, traceability, and environmental impact. By offering options from both sources, we ensure ethical practices, minimize environmental footprint, and maintain high standards of craftsmanship and beauty.

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Our fine jewelry is a testament to enduring craftsmanship and timeless design. It transcends costume jewelry, embodying unparalleled quality and longevity. Meticulously crafted with premium materials, each piece is an investment in lasting elegance, defying trends and standing the test of time to become cherished heirlooms for generations to come.